Vital articles
Vital articles

Vital articles on Wikipedia are written about important topics, organized into five list levels in decreasing importance: 1 (10 articles), 2 (100 articles), 3 (1000 articles), 4 (10,000 articles) and 5 (50,000 articles).

The articles are organized into groups of topics, with lower levels having more granular subdivisions. The lists serve as guidance to prioritize improvement of important articles and for monitoring their quality. Articles here should only be changed after discussion at the talk page.

The Vital Articles list is inspired by the list of articles every Wikipedia should have on Meta-Wiki and is monitored by the WikiProject Vital Articles. A more detailed explanation on the purpose, mechanisms and history of the Vital Articles list can be found at its FAQ page.

සිංහල විකිපීඩියාවේ Vital articles, good article status (GA) දක්වා දියුණු කිරීම පිළිබඳ ත්‍යාග ක්‍රමය දැනට ක්‍රියාත්මක නොවේ:

  • ත්‍යාග #1
  • ත්‍යාග #2
  • ත්‍යාග #3

Ask the prize initiators for more details. Wikipedia:Conflict of interest and common sense applies.


Articles in the Vital list have their assessments labelled as:

  • Featured article Featured articles
  • Former featured article Former featured articles
  • A-Class article A-class articles
  • Good article Good articles
  • Delisted good article Delisted good articles
  • Failed good article nominee Failed good article nominees
  • B-Class article B-class articles
  • C-Class article C-class articles
  • Start-Class article Start-class articles
  • Stub-Class article Stub-class articles
  • List-Class article List-class articles
  • Unassessed articles

The progress bar is auto-updated via category count, and the symbols and article counts are updated daily by User:cewbot. Please read the FAQ before modifying the article list.

Last updated by Cobblet (talk) 19:47, 25 May 2023 (UTC)

Total 1,000 articles.

Class #Articles
Good article GA 124
C-Class article C 484
Delisted good article DGA 90
B-Class article B 315
Former featured article FFA 80
Featured article FA 68
Failed good article nominee FGAN 120
Start-Class article Start 8
A-Class article A 2
Failed featured article candidate FFAC 2
Failed featured list candidate FFLC 1

Current total (1,000 articles)

People (112 articles)

Leaders and politicians (26 articles)

Religious figures (8 articles)

Explorers (7 articles)

Philosophers and social scientists (18 articles)

Writers (11 articles)

Artists (6 articles)

Musicians (6 articles)

Scientists and inventors (19 articles)

Mathematicians (8 articles)

Filmmakers (2 articles)

Businesspeople (1 article)

History (84 articles)

General (4 articles)

History by region (9 articles)

History by subject (11 articles)

Prehistory (4 articles)

Ancient history (18 articles)

Post-classical history (13 articles)

Modern history (25 articles)

Geography (106 articles)

General (1 article)

Continents and regions (11 articles)

Terrestrial features (12 articles)

Hydrological features (19 articles)

Countries (43 articles)

Cities (20 articles)

Arts (45 articles)

General (5 articles)

Artistic movements (4 articles)

Architecture (3 articles)

Literature (8 articles)

Music (9 articles)

Performing arts (5 articles)

Visual arts (11 articles)

Philosophy and religion (55 articles)

Philosophy (17 articles)

General (2 articles)

Philosophical branches and concepts (12 articles)

Philosophy by region and period (3 articles)

Mythology (2 articles)

Religion (13 articles)

Specific religions (23 articles)

Abrahamic religions (11 articles)

East Asian religions (3 articles)

Indian religions (8 articles)

Other religions (1 article)

Everyday life (57 articles)

General (4 articles)

Family and kinship (10 articles)

Sexuality and gender (6 articles)

Food and drink (22 articles)

Recreation and entertainment (15 articles)

Society and social sciences (146 articles)

General (13 articles)

Politics and government (25 articles)

Conflict (4 articles)

Education (4 articles)

Business and economics (22 articles)

Social issues (21 articles)

Law (6 articles)

Psychology (16 articles)

Language (31 articles)

Media (4 articles)

Health, medicine and disease (41 articles)

Illness and injury (19 articles)

Health, fitness, and medicine (13 articles)

Drugs and medication (9 articles)

Science (211 articles)

General (5 articles)

Astronomy (26 articles)

Physics (41 articles)

Biology (78 articles)

Chemistry (38 articles)

Earth science (23 articles)

Technology (98 articles)

General (4 articles)

Energy (14 articles)

Food and health (10 articles)

Weapons (6 articles)

Tools and machinery (8 articles)

Media and communication (10 articles)

Computing and information technology (4 articles)

Electronics (4 articles)

Space (5 articles)

Transportation (6 articles)

Structures (6 articles)

Materials (10 articles)

Optical (5 articles)

Mathematics (45 articles)

General (5 articles)

Counting and numbers (12 articles)

Algebra (5 articles)

Analysis (5 articles)

Arithmetic (4 articles)

Geometry and topology (12 articles)

Probability and statistics (2 articles)

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