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|} පරිශීලක:Harej/coordcollapsetop පරිශීලක:AnomieBOT/COIREQTable

|} පරිශීලක:Harej/coordcollapsetop පරිශීලක:AnomieBOT/SPERTable

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|} පරිශීලක:Harej/coordcollapsetop පරිශීලක:AnomieBOT/PERTable

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පරිශීලක:Harej/coordcollapsetop Adebimpe omo obaDhinchaak 2First Kill (album)Interpolation (popular music)Journal of Scientific Research of the Banaras Hindu UniversityList of interpolated songsMaynooth Philosophical PapersMonocle 24Speda TVStrangers (upcoming film)The 20 Cent Quest (2nd nomination)The Eclipse (Heroes)The Mother of All Talk ShowsVillains (Heroes)Xizi

|} පරිශීලක:Harej/coordcollapsetop Chrysoula Zogia Museum and Art GalleryFord Thames (car)Ghana Entertainment Awards USAHeldref PublicationsIsrael HofsheetKing's HandLexicon International School Kandy (2nd nomination)Midtowne Shopping CenterMoonSwatchMotorcycle BellNorthwestern University Graduate SchoolRobert R. McCormick School of Engineering and Applied ScienceRobilant+VoenaSarva Vidhyalaya Kelavani MandalSerbia CenterSukhoi T-12 Shturmovik-90Teal DronesThe Grand Lodge Hotel (2nd nomination)Towhidi Muslim JanataUO Computer and Information Science DepartmentVictorians PartyWalhalla (restaurant)Weinberg College of Arts and SciencesYakiniQuest

|} පරිශීලක:Harej/coordcollapsetop Ahmed GhappourAidan Kohn-MurphyAlan CinisAnee IchaAntonio Joseph (footballer)Arap MarindichAri RastegarAriel Rojas (weathercaster)Austin BushBruce Alexander (actor)Chandra PalChau NguyenChristopher AninzoClement BaegeniDanica MoadiDave Kelly (broadcaster)Detlef DahnDevashish Nilosey (2nd nomination)Estevan PayanFerenc VelkeyFrancisco Pérez (footballer)Gervase Peterson (2nd nomination)Gunnar KlackHamdy El-SaidHeidi SaadiyaHendricus ThijsenIbrahim OdumboniIfeoma Okafor-ObiJacob Henry (rugby union)Jason HerouxJean DawsonJim CliffeKakuto MurayamaKehinde AjoseKong Hye-okLice WaqailitiLuksimi SivaneswaralingamMaria Rita Epik (2nd nomination)Mark EckerMarta AuraMatt KuwataMatthew Rush (actor)Matti HäkkänenMehboob Alam ShahMichael Brandon (pornographic actor) (2nd nomination)Michael Laski (2nd nomination)Morgan Williams (rugby union, born 1995)Muaz KalaycıMujawamariya HyacintheMukesh Sahni (2nd nomination)Nandita P. PalshetkarNicolette LimNoritoshi FuruichiOkilani Tinilau (2nd nomination)Olawale AyilaraPrateek ChakravortyRavalcheny van OmmerenRebecca RotzlerReza GoodaryRita Verreos (2nd nomination)Roger Kirk (presenter)S. Vijay KumarSaptarshi GayenSarvatataShawn KumagaiSimba Nagpal (2nd nomination)Stephen FishbachStephenie LaGrossaTalia Mar (3rd nomination)Ty MitchellVaidika SenjaliyaWang Bing (canoeist)Zahir Shah (actor)

|} පරිශීලක:Harej/coordcollapsetop 2022 New Mexico parade rammingBrit Shalom (naming ceremony)Coastal GrandmotherCreative problem-solvingList of heirs to the Portuguese throneLowland Scots peopleMiss Polo InternationalScots Gaelic peopleThird Kishida CabinetTradenation luxury goods scam

|} පරිශීලක:Harej/coordcollapsetop Thera Para

|} පරිශීලක:Harej/coordcollapsetop 2022 World Ninepin Bowling Classic U18 Cup2022 World Singles Ninepin Bowling Classic Championships – Women's sprintAzur AllisonHardtack (game)LoofballLudwig's subathonMichael CoverdaleSoda Popinski (2nd nomination)Table tennis at the 2022 ASEAN Para GamesTAFISA

|} පරිශීලක:Harej/coordcollapsetop License blockPS Etona

|} පරිශීලක:Harej/coordcollapsetop Hall of Justice (comics)Johnny SorrowList of Dad's Army charactersList of Keeping Up Appearances charactersMetaplotMiraz (2nd nomination)RokuganVrithakrithyilulla Chathuram

|} පරිශීලක:Harej/coordcollapsetop 2022 Pakistan Army helicopter incidentBakhra (2nd nomination)Defense Industry Complex, IsfahanFilbert Street (San Francisco)Hotel ReikartzList of largest buildings in the United StatesList of prisons in HaryanaList of prisons in Rajasthan (2nd nomination)List of the busiest airports in the European UnionWinterbury, Delaware

|} පරිශීලක:Harej/coordcollapsetop Bobby Witt (disambiguation)East Ridge (Wolf's Head)JamaatSovok

|} පරිශීලක:Harej/coordcollapsetop


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