Portal pages

{{Portal description}} – adds a standard short description
{{Portal maintenance status}} – maintenance information and tracking categories

{{Portals browsebar}} – links for browsing portals by subject


{{Portal image banner}}

Dynamically sized banner images randomly selected from a list. As many images and captions as desired may be specified

{{Transclude lead excerpt}}

Dynamic excerpt that always matches the source. Normally taken from the lead of the root article. Number of paragraphs and images may be specified.
{{Purge link portals}} – purge link for showing new selections

Selected article

{{Transclude random excerpt}}

Same as {{Transclude lead excerpt}}, but specify multiple sources within the template call for alternating display; or

{{Transclude linked excerpt}}

Same again, but specify multiple sources by linking to them on a separate page or section

Selected anniversary

{{Transclude selected excerpt}}

Shows a specific lead of an article for a specific time.

Selected pictures

{{Random slideshow}}

Shows a slideshow gallery of specified files, in a randomised order

{{Transclude files as random slideshow}}

Same as {{Random slideshow}}, but uses images from specified pages

Selected quotation

{{Random quotation}}

Shows a random quotation, from a specified set of quotations

In the news

{{Transclude selected current events}}

Shows news about a subject from Portal:Current events.

or User:JJMC89 bot/Wikinews importer

Imports news from Wikinews.

Did you know...

{{Transclude selected recent additions}}

Shows Did you know? items for a subject from Wikipedia:Recent additions.

or User:JL-Bot/Project content

Can be customised to show a limited number of DYKs.



Shows an interactive category tree.
A category name may be used instead of {{PAGENAME}}, if the portal page name doesn't match the most relevant category.

{{Related portals2}}

Shows images and links to specified portals


No automation templates – configure manually

Things to do

Transclude WikiProject to-do list

Associated Wikimedia

{{Wikimedia for portals}}

Creates a table of interwiki links related to the portal.
{{Portals}} – Explanatory and browsing links

Layout components

Here are the components used to generate the boxes above:

  • {{Box-header colour}} – start of a layout box. By default, the template will automatically select a color based on the page name.
  • {{Box-footer}} – end of a layout box.
  • {{Flex columns}} – two column layout, with equal-height columns, that switches to one column on narrow screens.

Components for portal talk pages

These should go on the base talk page, not subpages.