...will result in what is displayed to the immediate right.

The exact same code, used at other portals, will create a box with the exact same content, but the colors may be completely different. This is because each portal has templates at:

  1. "Portal:insertname/box-header" (e.g. [1])

that add color information, and then pass all the work along to the box-header template, which composes everything into a standards-compliant and cross-browser box.

Editing Archive for random portal component section සංස්කරණය

For a random portal component section, the random pages are stored as consecutive numbered subpages from 1 to a maximum number. To view all numbered subpages in the archive page, use Template:Numbered subpages. Just write in the archive page {{Numbered subpages}}.

Randomized lists and elements in sections සංස්කරණය

See the random subpage template for a method to display a list of randomly selected items from a group of numbered subpages (e.g., Sustainable development). This template also can be used to randomly rotate items such as images within a section (e.g., the Philosophy of science introduction).

Changing colors සංස්කරණය

The colors of the portal can be changed in the box-header subpage. A list of colors you can use is available at Web colors, List of colors, or Wikipedia talk:Colours.

See also සංස්කරණය

Main portal creation templates

  • {{Basic portal start page}}—Used to create portal main pages.
  • {{Random portal component}}—Used on the portal main page to randomly display articles from the portal sub-pages.
    • {{Random portal component with nominate}}—Used on the portal main page to randomly display articles from the portal sub-pages, adding the option to nominate other Featured foo articles.
  • {{Random subpage}}—Used on the portal main page to randomly display articles from the portal sub-pages. This template is best used for creating randomly populated Did you know... sections on the portal main page that are intended to include multiple Did you know... facts.
  • {{Subpage}}—Used to output a box containing a link to subpage.
  • {{Numbered subpages}}—Used to create article links on portal sub-pages with 50 links.
    • {{Numbered subpages|max=25}}—As hereinbefore, but with 25 links.
    • {{Numbered subpages|max=75}}—As hereinbefore, but with 75 links.
    • {{Numbered subpages|max=100}}—As hereinbefore, but with 100 links.
  • {{Random box-header subpage}}—Used to transclude a numbered subpage.

Main portal page formatting templates

Templates that configure links

These templates are used to format the articles on the sub-pages

{{Selected X}}—Generic template for situations not listed hereafter.

Related templates

"https://si.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=සැකිල්ල:Box_portal_skeleton&oldid=436609" වෙතින් සම්ප්‍රවේශනය කෙරිණි