Usage සංස්කරණය

Use the basic syntax {{Tracking category}} on a category page to designate it as a tracking category. This template places the category into Category:Tracking categories and Category:Hidden categories, causes the category to be hidden on its member pages, and produces the following message box on the category page:

This template is only for use in the category namespace, ns=14. Using it on any page in other namespaces will add the page to Category:Pages with templates in the wrong namespace and produce the following error message box on the category page:

Parameters සංස්කරණය

Used to prevent the addition of Category:Tracking categories and optionally add a different category instead.
The syntax {{Tracking category|category=no}} will prevent a category page from being added to Category:Tracking categories.
The syntax {{Tracking category|category=[[Category:Some other category]]}} will add the category page to Category:Some other category instead of Category:Tracking categories.
Used to add extra text to the template. The text will be shown in the visible (unfolded) part of the template.
The syntax {{Tracking category|text=Extra text goes here.}} produces:

Use to further designate the category as a container category.
The syntax {{Tracking category|container=yes}} adds the category page to Category:Container categories and produces:
unnamed parameter 1
When used with |container=yes, this parameter will add content below the container category message box. When used without |container=yes, this parameter is ignored.
The syntax {{Tracking category|container=yes|This content is added below the container category message box.}} produces:

This content is added below the container category message box.

- Due to the current coding of the template this is limited to a single paragraph with, SPAN style formatting,

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