A user script is a piece of JavaScript code executed on Wikipedia pages. Scripts can make navigation easier and simplify common maintenance tasks. See Help:Javascript for more information.

This page describes how to install them, and provides a list of scripts developed for WikiProject User scripts.


පරිශීලක ලේඛනයන් ස්ථාපනය ඉතා පහසු කටයුත්තකි. එය පියවර 3කින් නිම කල හැකිය.

  • ඔබේ පුද්ගලික userscripts පිටුවට යන්න.
  • අදාල වෙනස එක් කරන්න.
  • කැෂය මගහරිමින් පිටුව රේචනය කරන්න.

Log-in and locate your personal userscripts pageසංස්කරණය

First, make sure you are logged in. Only logged-in users can install scripts by modifying a personal userscripts page, also known as a ".js" page.

  • Special:MyPage/skin.js will redirect to the ".js" page of the skin you are currently using. This probably is the Vector skin, which has been Wikipedia's default skin since May 13, 2010.
  • If you clicked the "Take me back" link to return to the "old" look and feel of Wikipedia, you probably are using the Monobook skin.
  • Note that many scripts are designed to work on the Vector or Monobook skin. Such scripts might also work in Chick, Simple and MySkin but are less likely to work in Classic, Nostalgia and Cologne Blue. If you use Modern skin, try enabling a special "compatibility" gadget in your preferences.

Add the script to your personal userscripts pageසංස්කරණය

One way to install a script is to simply copy the whole script code into your skin.js. You will thereafter have your own copy of the script, which will not be updated automatically; you must do it yourself.

Importing is a preferred and most popular way to install a userscript. It makes your skin.js more readable and automatically keeps you up to date with script updates and fixes.

This is done by adding importScript('full_page_name') or importScript('full_page_name'); //full_page_name to your skin.js.

For example, to install Watchlist since script, you add the following line to your monobook.js:

importScript('Wikipedia:WikiProject User scripts/Scripts/Watchlist since');

If the script is located at a different place and does not have ".js" as file extension, then you can use importScriptURI() function to include it from there like shown in the following examples. Take note of the explicit raw and ctype format option added to the url.


Bypass your cacheසංස්කරණය

As a final step, you need to bypass your cache after installation.

To express your thanks to the developer, you may want to add a userbox to your personal page. Feel free to use the predefined {{Userscripts}} userbox.


Some userscripts are made into gadgets; you can install them simply by selecting a checkbox in your Preferences.

Some notesසංස්කරණය

Not all scripts are subpages of WikiProject User scripts; many scripts are stored in the userspace of the user who maintains them; check the destination of the links in the list below to see where a script is stored, and use that location as the argument to the importScript function.

Note that importing requires the script to have its own page which is entirely valid JavaScript (all explanatory text is /* inside comments */), as most scripts do. If you import a file which is not valid JavaScript, nothing serious is likely to happen, but your JavaScript, and any JavaScript you have below that, will not work. If your browser is set to inform you about JavaScript errors, you will see these errors; otherwise you will see nothing except that the scripts you have tried to add do not work.

Last note: if you see "&dontcountme=s" in a userscript URL then this part can be removed. It is no longer needed.


Script Summary


wikEd A full-featured in-browser text editor for Wikipedia edit pages. Works in Firefox, SeaMonkey, Safari, and Google Chrome only. Provides wikicode syntax highlighting, regular expression search and replace, MS Word and HTML to wikicode conversion, on-page Show preview and Show changes, fullscreen editing mode, and single-click fixing of common mistakes. Not compatible with most other editing scripts from this section but often provides the same functionality.
HAPPI Based on research published in WikiSym '09 from the GroupLens Research lab, HAPPI is an editing tool that highlights wiki markup based on how that content has survived through the history of an article. Like wikEd, this highlighting is done in the edit pane and can be viewed while you edit. Tested in Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome and IE8.
References segregator Allows editing an article without the burden of scrolling through citation templates. It temporarily moves the contents of inline ref tags to a separate text box. Tested to work in Firefox, Opera, and Safari. (Internet Explorer is not supported.)
QuickEdit Inline editing of sections in articles (see de:Image:QuickEdit.png)
Inline section editor Inline section editor – also supports previewing and viewing changes inline
Replace allows for regexp inline replacing in textboxes
edit.regexReplace Selectively replace regex matches, possibly based on the text of the match. (documentation)
edit.autoReplace Make a standard, configurable set of regular expression based replacements each time you start editing a page, using the interface of regexReplace. (documentation)
js/ajaxPreview Shows both preview and changes with Ajax, faster than standard preview/changes buttons. Support for sortable and collapsing code. Configurable buttons can be above or below edit window. Support for accesskeys. Tested in Firefox 1.5, 2 and 3, Opera 9.27 and 9.52, Internet Explorer 6 and 7.
Quick Preview Adds button Quick preview to the edit form. Clicking it will do an AJAX call to update/show the preview. Much faster then regular preview, which requires reloading the whole page, also does not change the cursor position in the edit window, making it easier to continue editing. Unlike InstaView templates, images etc are rendered correctly, also the script is much "lighter" then InstaView. Does not work in Internet Explorer. (documentation)
Bracket matcher Adds a 'parse' link that shows a copy of the edit box with matched curly braces highlighted, for help in tracing complex nested expressions
Safe IE edit links Automatically changes certain links on edit and preview to open in an external window (or tab) when clicked, since Internet Explorer is bad about caching form data
Split-screen edit preview Moves the preview window from under the edit form to a resizable pane on the right-hand side of the screen.
Keymanweb Virtual Keyboard Web-based keyboarding tool supporting 300 languages, visible as a toolbar at the top right of the page.
Default Summary Creates a default edit summary, with several specific to certain pages, such as archive and talk pages.
Split edit summary box Creates new text box for the name of the edited section. This way, the browser's autocomplete for edit summary doesn't contain section name and becomes much more useful.

අන්තර්ගතය සංස්කරණය කිරීමසංස්කරණය

Advisor When editing an article, suggests fixing common issues with wikitext as you type.
AutoEd AutoEd is a highly customizable and reusable script which can automate the making of certain edits. A number of "preset" configurations allow easy use to fix errors with HTML and wikitext, formatting, and unicode characters, although it can easily be customized to fix typos and other errors.
dashes Fixes hyphens, dashes, and minus signs per MOS:DASH.
defaultsort Edits the category links to make use of the new {{DEFAULTSORT:sortkey}} keyword
Common terms goes a little way to palliate the cumulative effects of years of wikifying and wikilinking by reducing the incidence of links to some very frequently linked common words or terms, which often include dictionary definitions.
EngvarB ensure spelling in accordance with Oxford, British English, and Canadian English spellings.
HotCat Easily add/remove/replace categories on a page, without having to go to the Edit page.
LinkFixr Adds a link to the toolbox in edit mode to fix "link typos", e.g., [[Stuff,]] => [[Stuff]],
MOSNUM dates This script converts all dates in an article to the same format, either dd mmm yyyy or mmm dd, yyyy whilst delinking dates and date fragments.
ProveIt Comprehensive GUI tool for managing references, including adding and editing references, as well as inserting additional citations to pre-existing references. Support for latest Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Internet Explorer. Requires jQuery. Also see ProveIt's website.
Sources Formats names of newspapers within citation templates, principally in accordance with WP:ITALICS and WP:LINK; it will substitute most website-style '.com' suffices with the full journal names; location disambiguation where necessary


Toplinks Adds a extra top links useful in maintenance and vandal fighting
SnipManager Adds a customizable drop-down toolbar above the edit panel
XEB Allows the user to change the buttons on the top of the edit panel
refbuttons Adds buttons to the edit toolbar for common citation templates
Flyingidiot's buttons More toolbar buttons.
js/URLdecoder →[[]] button to quickly paste URLs and convert them into internal links if possible
Extra Toolbar Buttons Adds six additional buttons to the advanced section of the enhanced editing toolbar. Documentation
EmoteToolbar Adds an emoticons section to the enhanced editing toolbar, which adds emoticons to comments when a button is clicked. Documentation


Force edit summary Force user to make an edit summary (just like an option preferences:Editing, but without leaving the page)
Force summary alt Flash summary box if no summary is given.
qSig Smart signature button next to «Save page» button — reminds you when to sign
sign Automatic signing — reminds you when to sign
Sigdash Change the Your signature with timestamp edit button to use a real em dash instead of two hyphens
Force Preview before saving Disable the "save" button until you preview, forcing a preview to be made.
Default Edit Summary Creates a default edit summary, with several that are dependent on the current page being edited.

Ajax Toolsසංස්කරණය

Navigation popups Navigation popups offer easy access to several Wikipedia functions in popups which appear when you hover the mouse over links
Watchlist notifier Places a message at the top of the screen whenever your watchlist has changed since you last looked at it
New Page Patroller Adds another box to the sidebar that shows a regularly updated list of new pages
RC Patroller Adds another box to the sidebar that shows a regularly updated list of recent changes
Category watchlist Enhances the watchlist to show the addition of pages to specified categories; incompatible with Enhanced Recent Changes in preferences
user:js/diffs Diffs are opened as popups windows
User:Bawolff/wiktLookup.js Double click on a word, and have its definition from wiktionary popup. Has optional configuration options.
Pending Changes Adds a box to the sidebar that displays a regularly updated list of pending changes

Page appearanceසංස්කරණය

HighlightRedirects Recolors all links green that are pointing to redirect pages
TwoColumns Displays pages in 2 columns. Best for wide screens or speed reading.
Set Book Source Rewrites ISBN links to the book source of your choice
Sidebar translator Translates the 'in other languages' box on the sidebar to English
Selfrefs as a tab Changes selfref disambiguation headers to a tab marked 'wp'
Autolink Makes plaintext [[wikilinks]], {{templates}} and URLs clickable (especially useful on diff pages, history, .js pages and the like)
Footnote popups Displays a small popup box of a footnote when you hover the cursor above a footnote link
MyLanguages Bolds and moves to the top of the list some user-defined interwiki links. It aims for simplifying navigation between Wikipedias in languages known by the user.
Folded references Collapses and hide the references by default, provides a show/hide button to "uncollapse them"
Usage collapser Collapses the section Pges transcluded.. of an edit page and the sections File link and Global file usage of an image page.
Nominations Viewer Compacts the nominations listed at WP:FAC, WP:FAR, WP:FLC, and WP:FLRC.
Smaller Templates Makes maintenance templates such as {{cleanup}} to appear smaller so that they take up less space.
Expand Hidden Templates Expands and collapses hidden templates on a page. Templates affected include {{hidden}}, {{hidden archive top}}, and their derivatives.
Stock Symbol Formatter Formats stock symbols to add some convenient links.
Categorize Promoted Featured Items At Wikipedia:Featured articles promoted in 2010, shows the section from Wikipedia:Featured articles under where each featured article is placed.
Subject's Age from Year In an article about a person or a company, when the mouse hovers over a year in the article, the age of the article's subject by that year appears in a tooltip.
Automatic Article Lead Image Adds a lead image to biographies that don't have lead images.
gadget-gif-hider.js Hide gif-images after mouse-out from image box. Return mouse to image for unhide it. Now u can read some articles with expressive gif-animations (like this: Temperature, ..) (works on Firefox and Chrome)
Show TOC Limit Shows the table of contents' limit (with the use of {{TOC limit}}) if it is indeed limited.
Highlight Nearby Links If two links are next to each other so it's hard to tell if they are one link or two separate ones (such as New York and City next to each other), both links will be underlined so that it is clear that they are separate.
mathJax High-quality LaTeX font typesetting on Wikipedia. Smooth integration of formulas into article text, scalable and anti-aliased font symbols, copy-and-paste capability, and wide browser support. mathJax is a frontend and extension/modification of MathJax for use on Wikipedia.

for Vector skinසංස්කරණය

Hide Vector sidebar Hides the sidebar of Wikipedia's new layout. The sidebar can be shown when necessary.
DropDownToTabs Changes the drop-down menu in Vector into tabs.

for Monobook skinසංස්කරණය

These scripts also might work in Chick, MySkin and Simple skins.

bottomSidebar Moves Sidebar to the bottom, making content area 100% wide. One click on the left edge brings Sidebar back on the left. For Monobook skin.
hidePane Replaces Sidebar and top portlets with pulldown menus on the top, making content area 100% wide. For Monobook skin.
Compact Navigation Replaces p-cactions tabs ("article", discussion", "edit",...) with a set of pulldown menus, providing some extra links. Firefox only.
Tabs at bottom Duplicate the tabs at the top on the bottom of the page
Re-order menus Change the order of the menus (navigation, interaction, search and toolbox)
Sidebar toggle Adds a tab to toggle visibility of the sidebar , and a little "(s)" button which makes the current visibility setting the default for your browser. Does not work in Beta (vector).
Hide and Show Sidebar Portlets Hides whatever sidebar portlets (the boxes to the left of every page) that are specified. Click on the portlet's name to expand it again.


!Vote symbols Add symbols to !votes in discussions
Username highlighter Highlights all occurrences of your username on pages (even in edit boxes!)
Username highlighter 2 Highlights all occurrences of your username on pages (a modified version that avoids edit pages; the above version causes errors in some browsers)
Admin highlighter Highlights all links to the user/user talk pages of admins in cyan. (Note: the list of admins is hard-coded and therefore might get out-of-date at times. Doesn't work properly in Internet Explorer. Please import rather than copying the code, as otherwise I can't update the list of admins.)
Your comments A modified signature, user CSS and JavaScript to highlight your comments (or at least the last paragraphs of them)
Comments in Local Time Change UTC-based times and dates, such as those used in signatures, to be relative to local time.
Signature contraction Hides the code for complicated signatures in the edit window
Hide talk page templates Places all yellow messagebox templates from the lead section of a talk page into a collapsed table. (May not work properly in Internet Explorer; has not been tested in all browsers.)
Blocked user marker Marks temporarily blocked users with a strikethrough when their username is linked to, and marks indefinitely blocked users with italics and a strikethrough.


Watchlist since Adds a link to your watchlist which loads only new changes to watched items
js/watchlist New changes (same as above), plus instant Ajax unwatch and the ability to sort entries by namespace
wikiWatch Sorts and color-codes the watchlist by namespace, auto-expands entries, and adds unwatch links. Also runs under Greasemonkey and as a gadget.
All diffs above here Add 'adah' links next to each watchlist entry which opens all diffs from that shown in the watchlist in separate windows.
wikt:User:Msh210/watchlist.js Adds an "unwatch" link to each watchlist & recentchanges item
Hide Pages in Watchlist Causes specified pages to not appear in your watchlist, allowing you to watch a page but not its talkpage or vice versa
User:Animum/watchlistUpdate.js Adds an "auto-update" tab to Special:Watchlist that will enable automatic checks for updates to watchlisted pages (by default, every 5 seconds), excluding those hidden using Hide Pages in Watchlist (tested in Firefox and the monobook skin)
User:Zvn/confirmwatchlistrollback.js Pops-up a confirmation dialog when Rollback link is clicked from Watchlist (So you can hit cancel if the click was by accident).
Mark Unviewed Watchlist Items On the Watchlist, marks unviewed diffs by bolding them. (Only tested with Enhanced Recent Changes enabled.)

Recent Changesසංස්කරණය

Format Recent Changes Reformats Recentchanges to a formatted table; not compatible with "Enhanced recent changes" option
wikt:User:Msh210/watchlist.js Adds an "unwatch" link to each watchlist & recentchanges item
User:Manishearth/patroltab.js Adds a 'patrol' tab to any page with a 'mark as patrolled' link on it, enabling you to patrol pages quickly. (works only if the page is visited from newpages and has a 'mark as patrolled' link on it already
Hide Patrolled Recent Changes Only works for users with Rollback rights. Useful when using an edit filter tag search (e.g. BLP, repeating characters, etc. . .). In the Recent Changes special page, this will hide all tagged recent changes where those changes are no longer the most recent edit (in other words, no rollback button is visible indicating that another user has subsequently edited the page). Adds a top tab to turn on/off the feature while in the recent changes page.

What links hereසංස්කරණය

WhatLinksHere.js Add selection tabs to WhatLinksHere pages


wikEdDiff Improved and easier to read diff view for comparing article versions. Doesn't work in Opera
Single column diffs Makes the diff page appear as a single column. Doesn't work in IE and Opera
Gerbrant.edit.linksInDiff Makes internal links in the side-by-side comparisons (diffs) clickable. Exports nothing
js/diffs Diffs popups, multiple improvements to diffs, plus all the features mentioned above
Minutes Later for Diff When viewing an edit diff, shows how many minutes have passed from the old edit and the new one. Only appears if the difference is less than an hour.
Link Intermediate Revisions Link intermediate revisions when viewing a diff, to easily see which revisions are between the two diffs currently being viewed.


histComb Improves readability of history pages: combines consequent edits, etc.
Compare link Makes the "compare selected versions" button on history pages into a link (allows diffs in new windows, tabs, etc.)
TimeTraveller Helps you investigate past discussions by letting you browse Wikipedia as it was at the time of a post.
userhist Allows you to search a page history for changes made by a specific user.
Highlight My Username In History Highlights your username in history pages.
Convert 24 hour time Converts 24 hour times into 12 hour times with am/pm.


Patrol links Adds patrol links directly on Newpages for easy patrolling of obvious good pages.
Ajax patrol links "Mark this page as patrolled" links don't reload or navigate away from the page.
New page preview Add a preview function to each link on Newpages.
Show Upload Deletion Logs After clicking on a link to a deleted file, this script shows links to a file's deletion logs for convenience.


Color-coded contribs Color-codes contributions pages based on whether you have the top contribution
Hide top contributions Adds a tab to Special:Contributions to hide pages on which you have the top edit.

Set userHideAllSubsequent=true to only keep the most recent edit, more like watchlists.

Mark Edits After My Own Similar to the script above ("Hide top contributions"), except it does not hide your top edits; instead, it highlights pages that have edits after your own edit to the page. It does not highlight pages already on your watchlist, since you are already notified of those.
Mark Today's Edits Marks the earliest and latest edits on contributions and history pages that were made today, to indicate which edits were made today.
Hide Huggle edits Based on Hide top contributions, adds a tab to Special:Contributions to hide edits made using WP:HUG.
Contributions Alternative Links On a user's contributions page, an extra link is added in "(diff | hist)" to either link to the page's Main page or Talk page.
Convert 24 hour time Converts 24 hour times to 12 hour times with am/pm.

Deletion and other processesසංස්කරණය

Easy db Adds tabs when viewing the article (not in the edit form) to tag an article for speedy deletion
Easy prod Add tab for proposing pages for deletion when viewing articles and user pages
AutoAFD.js Adds 'AfD' tab to edit page to nominate an article for deletion
CloseAFD Adds 'close' and 'relist' tabs to edit page of AfD debates to close/relist them
afd helper Adds 'vote' links to all edit-AFD-page links which make voting on an AFD a one-click process; also AFD-nomination feature like AutoAFD (link in toolbox on left when viewing page, not editing)
afc helper Enables users to do one-click declines on Articles for Creation pages for common types of submitted articles (Based on AFD helper)
Autocopyvio.js Add 'copyvio' tab on Edit page to mark a page as a copyright violation and submit it to the Copyright problems page
AIV Helper Adds [ipvandal] and [vandal] buttons when editing WP:AIV to facilitate listing vandals
CommonsHelper Helper Expedites the process of moving free images to the Commons with CommonsHelper and tagging them for deletion with {{NowCommons}}
Commons Scripts Helps moving images to the Wikimedia Commons. Includes CommonsHelper Helper and User:CWii/JB2script.js.
MotD closure script Adds a tab for closing a MotD nomination. Must be done section-by-section.
MotD Tools Adds several tabs for different functions on MotD including: Closing, reopening, and voting, and nominating.
delsort.js Adds a tab to perform deletion sorting.
AFDsort Adds a "Sort" button when editing an AFD debate, used to sort existing AFD debates into categories per CAT:AFD.
hide closed AFDs Adds an option to hide closed AFD debates when viewing the log pages using a tab button, useful for admins closing debates.
SimpleVote Adds an option to easily vote on AFDs—uses morebits.js. Not to be used in conjunction with AFD Helper.
autofill.js Restores functionality that used to be available when deleting pages. Portion of content gets pasted into deletion reason ("Content was..." and "only contributor was..."). Use with great caution - delete inappropriate content from reason (attack pages, etc.).
closeAFD Fully automatic AFD closer.
IfD thumbnails Adds thumbnails of nominated images to WP:IFD and WP:PUI for quick reviewing.
CSDHelper Allows for the rapid deletion, declining and conversion to PROD of speedy deletion pages, as well as automatic notifications.
closedrv.js Adds a "close" tab to close WP:DRV discussions.
closexfd.js A 5-in-1 package to close WP:TFD, WP:FFD, WP:CFD, WP:RFD, and WP:MFD discussions.
xfdrelist.js A package to re-list WP:TFD, WP:FFD, WP:CFD, WP:RFD, and WP:MFD discussions. If the caller is not an admin, adds 'non-admin relisting' to edit summary. For AfD relisting, see closeAFD above


TWINKLE Multifunctional tool assisting in a lot of common Wikipedia maintenance tasks. Does not work with IE.
Friendly Script adds a tab on articles for robust tagging functionality as well as a tab on user talk pages for robust welcoming functionality. Also provides welcoming functionality from diff views for users with a blank talk page. Integrated with and built using the same library as Twinkle.
FurMe Easily add fair-use rationales to files
AssessorTags Easily add WikiProject banners to talk pages
Quick wikify Add 'wikify' tab on Edit pages to add {{wikify}} to top of page and save
Unreferenced tool Add 'unref' tab on Edit pages to add {{unreferenced}} to top of page and save
CleanupTab.js Add 'cleanup' tab on Edit pages to add {{cleanup}} to top of page and save
Fancruft tool Add 'fancruft' tab on Edit pages to add {{fancruft}} to top of page and save
Prose tool Add 'prose' tab on Edit pages to add {{prose}} to top of page and save
test-n.js Add tabs that automate the adding of {{test-n}} templates when editing user talk pages
test-enhanced Enhanced version of the above
Tag unverified image Adds an {{unverified}} tag to an image when you press the tab. Could be modified to put any tag
Revert tools Adds links to the top of diff pages to revert the edit and/or warn the user
quickimgdelete Script to simplify IFD nominations and marking images as no source/license/rationale or orphaned/replaceable fair use
welcome new user Script that adds a welcome template to a new user's talk page
Welcome user Tool to welcome new users when editing page.
Tags Script adds various frequently used maintenance templates (e.g. cleanup, wikify, etc.) at the top of articles. Doesn't work in IE
Flexitags A customizable version of Tags. Doesn't work in IE
Stub tag tab Adds a tab to mark articles as stubs, pulling lists of available stub types from the lists at Wikipedia:WikiProject Stub sorting
FastButtons Adds small buttons below the page header for quick tagging pages for deletion, maintenance, etc.
persondata.js Tools to assist the addition of Persondata to BLP articles with infoboxes
WikiLove Tool to assist in awarding barnstars and giving kittens.


Add purge to tabs Add 'purge' tab to clear Wikipedia cache of page
Changes since I last edited Add 'since' tab to show changes since user last edited given page
Show last diff Add 'last' tab to show diff of last edit to this page
External editor Add a tab that will edit the current page with an external editor
User tabs Adds tabs for edit count, page moves, contribs, and block logs when viewing user or user talk pages
User Contribs Tabs Shows contribs, edit count & edit summary usage when viewing user or user talk pages
Six tabs Modifies the top tabs for Vector skin like this: Article         Discussion      
Navigation shortcuts Navigation shortcuts offer adding personal links into the left sidebar menu, below the navigation, search and toolbox portlets
godmode-light.js From Sam Hocevar: a rollback button on a user's contributions page and on an article’s latest diff page. Add the following to your monobook.js for it to work:
Logs link Add a 'Logs' link to the toolbox, which links to Special:Log for that page.
View source Adds a [view source] button to the left of [edit this page]
RBL check Adds an "RBL check" link to the toolbox on IP user/talk/contribs pages (already exists in Sp-contributions-footer-anon)
WP cactions Adds menus of page & user options to the cactions bar. Option to also replace standard history, watch, move, undelete etc. links
EcceNux/replylinks.js Adds reply links near user links, automatically inserts a backtrack link (with section anchor) to the message area
stubtagtab.js Adds a 'stub' tab for easy application of {{stub}} and more specific stub templates
New messages history Adds a "history" link to the "You have new messages" box. The link is to the history of your user talk page. Works in all the Wikipedia skins.
New message history Append the new messages warning with a link to your talk page history
HistoryCount Change the default amount of history entries on the history tab
Translate external links Adds links to machine translation sites that will automatically translate external links tagged with Language icons.
WikiMark Adds bookmarking functionality inside Wikipedia. Saves your bookmarks on a usersubpage.
gTranslate interwikis In the 'Languages' box, where other-language versions of the current page are listed, next to every language that google can translate, it puts a link to the google translation of that page.
Hotkeys Enter symbols and common phrases using customizable Ctrl keyboard macros.
randomlink.js Follow a random link or go to a random page in a category, list or WikiProject
Sharebox Adds the AddThis service to your Toolbox to easily share an article on Twitter, Facebook etc.
Image Gallery Adds a Tab to the Vector skin providing one click access to your own uploaded images, using Gallery.php. Only written/tested for Vector skin.

Navigating to Edit pageසංස්කරණය

Add edit section 0 Adds 0 tab to edit the top section of the page
Simplified edit section 0 Adds 0 tab as above; simplified version, works better on Safari 3
Edit Top Adds [edit] link below the page heading to edit the top section of the page
Gerbrant.edit.top Similar to Edit Top, but as an includable module
Universal EditTop Most universal Edit Top, also works for other projects and languages; also a gadget
Fiddle Edit Tab Randall Bart's Fiddle Edit Tab: Modifies "edit this page" tab
Talk page section tabs Replace link to empty talk-page by new section link
HighlightEditSections Highlights section of the page when hovering over section edit link
Same-page edit Adds edit functionality from same page on double-click of article
Catscan tab Adds a tab to categories making it easy to use the CatScan category intersect/search capability.
Edit Namespace Type Edit:pagename in the search box and you will be redirected to the edit page of the page entered. For example, typing "Edit:Example" will take you here instead of here
Enhanced Random Article Enhances the existing "Random article" feature. Disambiguation pages, redirects, and pages with titles that match a certain pattern can be skipped over.


Google search Changes the Wikipedia search box into a Google Wikipedia domain search. Also has a Feelin' lucky button
Google link Add toolbox links to search Google and Yahoo! for the title of the page
Search links Add toolbox links to search Google web, news archive, books, scholar, and images for the title of the page
Multi-NS search Adds a drop-down menu to the search box to choose the namespace to search in
Subpage search Adds a checkbox below the search box to search only the subpages of the current page.
Google search Show a Google sitesearch box instead of, or beside, the Wikipedia search
Google search Adds a Google sitesearch box below the Wikipedia search box.
EasySearch Script that adds extra buttons to search in Wikinews, Wiktionary, Commons, Spanish, German, and French Wikipedia.
RelatedArticles Add-on that uses the Directed Edge related articles engine to add a list of related articles to each page.
TinEye Adds a "tineye" tab to File: pages for performing a TinEye search on images. Useful for identifying potential copyright violations. Ported from the Commons TinEye gadget.
Namespace Redirect Redirects pages that begin with certain prefixes to appropriate namespaces. For example, C:Test -> Category:Test, F:Test -> ගොනුව:Test, T:Test -> Template:Test, UT:Test -> User talk:Test. Also includes a spam-fighting linksearch shortcut L:test.com -> returns all links to external site test.com.


ubergodmode.js From Sam Hocevar: a compilation of Javascript helpers that help with the administration of Wikipedia. You need to be a sysop already for it to be useful. Add the following to your monobook.js for it to work:
document.write('<SCRIPT SRC="' +
'http://sam.zoy.org/wikipedia/ubergodmode.js' +
EasyBlock Gives admins a "block" tab on various pages as well as automatic warning capabilities.
Protection js Page protection (and related functions) script. See its page for details
rollbackSummary Adds a tab that allows you to alter the edit summary for rollback links on a page.
Userrights link Adds a link in the toolbox to Special:Userrights when viewing a userpage or user talk page.
wikt:User:Msh210/blocklinks.js Adds a link to the user's log from Special:Block/Username
Admin Dashboard Adds a link to the {{admin dashboard}} next to the "my contributions" button.
Dashboard Adds a link to the {{dashboard}} next to the "my contributions" button.
MediaWiki:Gadget-massblock.js Allows the use of Special:Massblock.
User:Animum/massdelete.js Allows the use of Special:Massdelete.
User:Animum/revdelete.js Allows the easy deletion of selective deletion. Deletes the page (giving you the option of adding a reason), restores all revisions that had been there before, and restores the protection levels to what they had been. Used by clicking "delete revision" in the toolbox when viewing a diff.
User:Mr.Z-man/moverevert2.js Anti-page move vandalism. Blocks the user with talk page and email access access disabled, and reverts all page moves with redirects disabled. Used by clicking a "revert moves" tab while viewing Special:Log/Example.
Reviewer Summary Shows a summary table of reviewers for the nominations on the current page.


Status switcher A simple, but functional Wikipedia-status-switcher
StatusChanger2 Easy-to-install script to allow you to quickly update your current online status. See instructions here.
Wikibreak Enforcer Prevents user from logging in before a certain date+time, to enforce a wikibreak
Edit count tab Adds a tab to pages which, when clicked, will display the any user's edits per the Wannabe_Kate tool
Live edit counter Add a userbox with an always updated edit counter
DavidClock Puts an UTC clock in the upper right corner, after the "log out" link. Can show a ticking and/or a static clock (time the page was loaded). As a bonus the clocks are links to purge the page and to edit section 0. Configurable tick interval, saves a lot of CPU on slow computers.
Time Adds the current date and time (UTC) to the top right, after the "log out" link (or anywhere else up there)
Edit counter Creates a customizable table of your edits broken down by namespace in your user pages.
Status updater One-click changing of User:User name/Status for use with status indicator templates such as {{Statustop}}, {{UserStatus}} and the WP:HAU pages.
Qui Status switcher, with friends list showing status of your friends.


VoA/Useful Several scripts there. Automatic WP:PP (de)listing/ history and user anaylsis/ admin script/ RC patrol script. Needs Add tab
A collection A bunch of different scripts. (they are listed there because it is easier to update, as they change a lot)
Wikipedia Bilingual Display a Wikipedia article in 2 of the languages in which it is available, side by side (for example, Russian and Spanish)
Remove Access Keys Script to disable all or some access keys on Wikipedia pages
Reference exporter Adds a link by references to import the reference metadata into Endnote (or other RIS reference handling programs)
scriptpackage.js A collection of many of the scripts on this page, conveniently put together in one package. Includes Twinkle, wikEd, popups, and lots of other useful scripts. Good for installing many editing/anti-vandalism tools all at once.
Hodgepodge Wikidudeman's Hodgepodge of numerous user scripts including customized page tagging, AFD helpers, Speedy tagging, Twinkle, User warnings, Vandalism fighting, Popups, Image tagging, Etc.
RenderBoard Script created to generate the appropriate template needed for rendering game boards. Currently used for chess and its variants, but expanding to more games. Please contact Matthew Yeager if you would like this to include a certain game or if you have any questions.
ContribsTab Script that adds a "Contributions" tab when viewing a user or user talk page, or any subpage thereof. Clicking the tab brings up the user contribution page.
GooglePopupTranslations Ajax script that references Google translate API to give popup translations when the cursor is placed over a word while in Wikipedia. 23 languages

supported so far.

Wikipedia translator This script adds a translate link to all wikis in other languages (in the language portlet) which are supported by Google Translate. Primarily a research tool, it allows the user to get all of the information on wikipedia in english from the non-english wikis.
Custom Long Pages Adds options for Special:LongPages, such as the ability to hide articles that begin with "List of".


These are scripts that help develop or use other scripts.

automod Edits and saves a given article according to parameters passed in the URL.
Gerbrant.mng.decache Selectively remove one or more user scripts from your browser cache. Needs external application. (documentation)
Inclusion Use these short commands to include scripts and css from other places (like synchronizing your accounts on all wikis)
noie.js This short piece of code allows you to disable certain scripts in Internet Explorer only. Used to prevent script errors with non-IE compatible scripts.
Syntax highlighter Meta-script highlights anything that looks like css code inside pre tags by giving a class to each bit. Makes it much easier to read. Use your monobook.css to format your monobook.css.  :-) Now for js code it's also available
Script purger Allows you to selectively put scripts in "Purge mode", so that they are forcibly retrieved from the server, bypassing the cache. This saves you the time and bandwidth of bypassing your entire cache and re-downloading the Wikipedia scripts and CSS
Links in scripts When viewing a script (Not while editing it), all wikilinks are made into real links. Also includes AoV2's importScript links script, which links importScript's.
Script Installer A tool that makes it easy to install any Wikipedia script or stylesheet. After installing Script Installer, go to any documentation or script page and click on the "Install this script" link to install the script.


These functions can be included directly in a script but don't do anything unless called by some other code. The functions marked as deprecated have been rendered obsolete by new features added to MediaWiki, and only exist now as wrappers for compatibility with existing code.


Documentation Summary
Add LI menu Allow "tabs" to be placed in drop-down menus (can be nested). Requires some CSS customisations
warn.js Gives a prompt to add any template (supposed to be used for warning vandals)
Get user name Gets the username corresponding to the current page
MD5 2.2-alpha Calculates the RSA Data Security, Inc. MD5 Message Digest of a string. Supports UTF-8
gui.htmlEdit A WYSIWYG HTML editing control. See documentation
edit.multiReplace Class to simplify the replacement of several different regular expressions, each with its own substitution. See documentation
morebits.js A collection of functions/code mostly used by TW


CSS code in this section is added slightly differently to JavaScript code. The code can be imported by adding {{subst:css|Page_name}} to your monobook.js, or the code can be @imported into your monobook.css. You can just paste the source code if you do not wish to receive updates to the code when it is improved.

Name and link Purpose Compatible Skins
externals Replaces the external link icon with the corresponding favicon (works for some links)

Incomplete thingsසංස්කරණය

Name and link Purpose Status
Show recent comments This will eventually allow people to hide discussions on talk pages (or the VP) that occurred before a given date. It needs an interface to set the uptodate; a way to identify sections, rather than just paragraphs, so whole sections that have been updated can be shown, rather than just the paragraphs that have been updated; a option to show, rather than hide, childNodes that have no dates in them; bells, whistles and gongs, of course!
WikiMiniAtlas adds draggable maps with clickable wikilinks to geocoded articles. Note that this is not GoogleMaps, but home-brew javascript.
  • meta:Help:User style/floating quickbar could be made into a self-contained script. Might be slower that way, though. — Omegatron 21:29, 4 February 2006 (UTC)
    • Not necessarily; you could simply put the scrollbars on the content area instead of on the whole window. The real problem is that often you have to scroll down to see the rest of the the left pane. So it would need it's own scrollbar or a similar solution. Shinobu 13:07, 27 December 2006 (UTC)

Obsolete/non working scriptsසංස්කරණය

Script Summary Note
Unwatch Adds unwatch links next to each item in your watchlist Doesn't work due to Mediawiki changes
Watchfilter Lets you filter your watchlist by namespace, similar to recent changes. Please note that namespace filtering has just been added to watchlist, rendering this slightly less useful Doesn't work due to changed watchlist page design
Watchlist export/import Allows copying of watchlists between accounts, and exporting a watchlist to public view / importing such an exported watchlist. (Doesn't work in Internet Explorer) This feature is now part of the software
Autowatch Changes the watch tab to allow you to watch and unwatch an article in-place, without going to the confirmation screen This feature is now part of the software
Fix lowercase first letter problem When a page has the lowercase template, changes the page to show the correct title and removes the template Obsolete: this is now a MediaWiki feature.
Fix diff width Adds scroll bars to wide diffs (such as [1]). Obsolete: bugzilla:1229 is fixed
hideOwn.js Hide your own edits by default in your watchlist Obsolete: option in Preferences or link in watchlist do the same thing
CSD AutoReason Adds a drop-down box of the CSD criteria to the page deletion screen (admins only) Obsolete due to MediaWiki:Deletereason-dropdown
User watchlist Watch the contributions of specified users Code was using obsolete query.php
What links here WL What links here watchlist: see the backlinks for multiple pages was using obsolete query.php [2]
iwiki Shows interwikis either as English names or actual links.
Helps synchronize interwikis with other projects
Synchronizing code was using obsolete query.php; will be fixed later
logPage Converts Special:Log into a nice easy to read table needs to be updated

Obsolete libraries:

Documentation Summary
Add LI link (mostly deprecated) Add a hyperlinked list-item as the last child of a given element
Add toolbox link (deprecated) Add a link to the toolbox (on the left)
Add tab (deprecated) Add a tab to the page bar
Get Page Name (deprecated) Get the title of the current page
Get tidy title (deprecated) Gets the URL version of a page title
addLink (deprecated) an extended (maybe improved) version of Add LI link