Use this template to prevent automatic (bot) archival of a given thread, either semi-permanently or for a specified number of days. Conventionally this template is used at the top of the thread, just under the header, but it may be placed anywhere in the thread.

This template works by placing a hidden HTML comment in the thread that contains a future date. The comment is invisible to users but visible to the archiving bots, and the bots will not archive the thread until that date is at least one archival period in the past. The comment can be seen when the page is edited, and looks like the following:
<!-- [[User:DoNotArchiveUntil]] 18:31 12 ජූලි 2024 (UTC) -->{{User:ClueBot III/DoNotArchiveUntil|1720809092}}
Where the date used is determined by the parameters entered into the template or close to ten years in the future if no parameters were specified.

Tools that respect the code


Tools that do not respect the code

  • None known at this time.

This template must be substituted to work.

This template takes two parameters, both optional.

Use the first to specify the number of days to prevent the thread from archiving. if the parameter is omitted, the template will set the thread to archive in 3650 units (which for the default unit of "days" is close to 10 years, but not exactly due to leap years). Use the second to specify a different unit than days. To use this template, type in the following:

  • {{subst:DNAU}} - to prevent a thread from being archived for a very long time.
  • {{subst:DNAU|200}} - to prevent a thread from being archived for 200 days.
  • {{subst:DNAU|47|weeks}} - to prevent a thread from being archived for 47 weeks.
  • {{subst:DNAU|2=hours}} - to prevent a thread from being archived for 3650 hours (close to 5 months).
  • {{subst:DNAU|1=10000|2=mins}} - to prevent a thread from being archived for 10000 minutes (almost 7 days).

Since not all pages are archived daily, the parameter should be read as the minimum number of days before thread is archived.

|1=, first unnamed parameter: number of units until autoarchival (default is 3650)
|2=, second unnamed parameter: type of unit (default is 'days'). All relative PHP unit formats are acceptable: 'sec', 'second', 'min', 'minute', 'hour', 'day', 'week', 'fortnight', 'month', 'year', and their respective plurals 'secs', 'seconds' etc.

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