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This is the Lua project's to-do list. Here we list templates to be converted to Lua, and other Lua-related tasks to be done.

Templates to be converted

Template Difficulty Notes
Template:Asia topic, Template:Europe topic, etc. Medium These templates have a lot of shared code, so one module should probably do for all of them. The country names can be loaded using mw.loadData from a separate data module. It would also be useful to add a custom link parameter for each country, as at the moment editors have to go through and check that all the relevant redirects have been created. It would be much easier to just specify the correct link in the template if it is different from the one that is automatically generated.

Update: there is Module:World topic (implemented in Template:World topic) and Module:Region topic (an alpha module to be used in all region-topic templates). See Wikipedia:Lua/Requests/Archive 5#Re-write Template:World topic as a Lua module.

Template:Db-multiple Medium Calls Template:Csdcheck, which has already been converted to Lua. Otherwise only has one subtemplate. We could probably do with centralising the data about the different CSD criteria, as it is used in a lot of different places and is a pain to update when criteria are added and removed. But this can always be done later.
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