Free content is free as in freedom. This page links to some of the most popular licenses for releasing such content. This page can be reached via when forwarding the full URL is not convenient.

Berkeley Software Distribution සංස්කරණය


Creative Commons සංස්කරණය

Creative Commons, some rights reserved.

Generally, a work licensed under a CC tag with more requirements cannot be integrated into a work licensed under a more permissive CC license (such as integrating a CC-BY-SA work into a CC-BY work), unless the entire target work switches to the less permissive license.

Other Creative Commons licenses exist but are non-free for use in Wikipedia. See Non-free Creative Commons licenses for a full list and explanation.

Free Art license (Licence Art Libre) සංස්කරණය

Free Art license

GNU's Not Unix! සංස්කරණය


NB: These licenses require reprinting the entire license text with any reuse of the image. If you created the image yourself, please consider using a different license. If one include any of the content, the entire book/section goes under GFDL, unlike CC-BY-SA

Massachusetts Institute of Technology සංස්කරණය

  • {{MIT license|Copyright holder}}MIT License. This tag is designed for MIT images licensed by others (usually as part of a software package). Do not use it to tag images you created yourself, since the MIT license is intended to be applied to software, not images. Use another free license.

Mozilla සංස්කරණය


UK Government සංස්කරණය

Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  • {{OGL}} — Open Government Licence version 1.0
  • {{OGL-2.0}} — Open Government Licence version 2.0
  • {{OGL-3.0}} — Open Government Licence version 3.0