A dead-end page is a page that contains no internal links to other Wikipedia articles. Adding links to these pages will help to integrate them into the encyclopedia, and assist readers by allowing for easy cross-referencing of information.

  • Articles tagged with {{dead end}} can be found within the monthly subcategories of Category:Dead-end pages. There is also automatically cached Special:DeadendPages.
  • For general guidance on how to create internal links, see Help:Link#Wikilinks for the basics, and MOS:LINK#Techniques for more advanced techniques.
  • When writing an article, try to incorporate relevant links to other articles within the text. Before saving the edit, check that the link connects to the article you intended (and not, for example, to a disambiguation page). For example, if an article begins "Joe Bloggs was born in Birmingham," you should create a link for [[Birmingham]] – but first determine whether it's Birmingham, England, or Birmingham, Alabama, or another city with that name.
    • Remember to only add links that are relevant to the context. An article with an excessive number of links is said to be overlinked; this can be distracting, and makes it harder for the reader to identify links which might actually aid their understanding of the subject.
  • If you come across an article with no internal links, either add links yourself or apply a {{dead end}} tag.
  • The article may need other cleanup. If so, fix the problems yourself or add the appropriate cleanup tag from WP:Template messages/Cleanup.
    • If the article's subject is explained better in another article, consider a merge and/or redirect.
    • If the subject of the article doesn't appear to be notable, consider nominating the article for deletion. If you're unsure whether the subject is notable, you can just add a {{notability}} tag instead.
  • Once links have been added to the article, remove the {{dead end}} tag. If you want, you can place Dead-end pages clean up project; [[Wikipedia:Dead-end pages|you can help!]] in your edit summary.
  • You may be interested in displaying this project's userbox on your userpage with the following code: {{Userbox Dead-end pages}}
"https://si.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=විකිපීඩියා:Dead-end_pages&oldid=604765" වෙතින් සම්ප්‍රවේශනය කෙරිණි