Usage සංස්කරණය

{{Sources exist|{{subst:DATE}}}}

When to use සංස්කරණය

This template indicates that an article needs additional inline citations. It is similar to {{unreferenced}} or {{more citations needed}}, but also indicates that an editor has searched for reliable sources on the topic and determined that sufficient sources exist and that it is therefore notable.

Use this template if the article has no references or if there are some, but insufficient, inline citations to support the material currently in the article, and you or another editor have determined that there are sufficient sources available to be cited. Do not use this tag for articles that contain no unreferenced material, even if all the material is supported by a single citation

If you performed the search for yourself, consider leaving a note on the article's talk page either listing the sources you find or telling others how to find them. Alternatively, you may wish to create a section Sources in the article and list your findings, then tagging the article with {{No footnotes}}.

This template is often used during new page patrol to avoid subsequent reviewers unnecessarily searching for sources again or erroneously nominating the article for deletion. It can also be useful if the article was discussed at articles for deletion and kept because sufficient sources were found, in which case {{old XfD multi}} should be present on the talk page to point to the discussion.

When not to use සංස්කරණය

This template is suitable when notability could be in question.

Do not use this template to tell others to improve articles. If you have one or more sources, but no time to actually integrate them into an article, consider instead using {{Refideas}}, which is much less likely to be seen as drive-by tagging then when you use this template.


According to MOS:LAYOUT, maintenance templates, such as this one, should (except when section-specific) be placed after hatnotes, at the start of the article. That placement is supported by consensus obtained in an RfC at Template talk:More citations needed/Archive 4 § RfC: Location of Tag.

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