Using existing userboxesසංස්කරණය

Userboxes belong on their user's pages. It may be considered uncivil to place userboxes on other users' pages without their permission. However, userboxes may be placed on non-mainspace talk/discussion pages by anyone. (See also Wikipedia:Talk page.) The {{clear}} template can be placed after the plain userbox if text is added on a new line immediately after it.

A gallery of existing userboxes can be found here: WP:Userboxes/Gallery


The standard syntax for adding a userbox to your user page (also known as transclusion) is: {{user name_of_box}}.

Optional substitutionසංස්කරණය

You may decide to substitute the template code onto your user page using the syntax {{subst:user name_of_box}}. The use of "subst:" will ensure that the template is always displayed in its form when you add it to your user page, i.e. it will not reflect subsequent edits to the template. This method will lead to large amounts of code on your user page.

Displaying a random userboxසංස්කරණය

To limit the number of userboxes on display, you may consider using Template:Ubxdisplay/random (or Ubxrand for short) to display a random userbox from a given selection. See the template for full documentation. Example: {{Ubxrand|User en|User fr}} results in:

en This user is a native speaker of English.

ubxrand · view ubx · random ubx
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