So if you have always wanted to know exactly how many edits you have? Now comes the most useful userbox since... well.. the last one created[1].This userbox, with some ajax magic, will give you a live edit counter on your userpage. But please remember that editcountitis can be fatal.

To install, add

// [[User:Henrik/live-edit-counter]]

to your monobook.js (located at User:YOURUSERNAME/monobook.js)

Also add {{User:Henrik/ubx/User contrib|<edits>|<Username>}} to your userpage replacing <username> with your username and <edits> with an approximate edit count for those without the javascript installed. [2]

Note that you should still use the modified userbox the same way as Template:User contrib, it accepts the same parameters and should be used in the same way. But if you have the javascript installed, it'll display a live counter! All users who haven't installed the javascript and non-logged in users will see the plain old counter.

පරිශීලක:Henrik/ubx/User contrib

{{User:Henrik/ubx/User contrib|1500|Henrik}}

  1. Actually, this is probably the least useful userbox ever. But there was nothing good on TV last night.
  2. It'll still look okay for you, even if you don't insert a number - but it will look strange for others.
"පරිශීලක:බිඟුවා/live-edit-counter&oldid=134372" වෙතින් සම්ප්‍රවේශනය කෙරිණි