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This module will add 3 new links beside the "log out" link. These will be "in", "busy" and "out" for quickly changing your current Wikipedia status.

To enable this, first add the following line to your monobook file:


Additionally, you'll need two additional pages:

  1. Special:Mypage/Status
  2. Special:Mypage/StatusTemplate

The first one is the one modified by the script to hold {{User:Example/StatusTemplate|STATUS}}, where "STATUS" will be one of "in", "busy", "out". Then it is up to the "Template" to render it the way you wish. An example is:

'''<div style="border: 1px solid black; background: white; float: right; position: relative; top: -30px; padding: 5px">
Example's status: {{ #switch: {{{1}}}
 | in=<span style="color: green;">IN</span>
 | busy=<span style="color: #FFAA00;">BUSY</span>
 | out=<span style="color: red;">OUT</span>

You can tweak it to look whatever you like.

Then all you need is to put {{User:Example/Status}} on whatever pages you want the status to be displayed.

You can also define your own range of statuses using this statement (put it right after theimportScript statement):

statusChangerConfig = {
  statusList : [ 'in', 'busy', 'school', 'work', 'out' ],

Make sure your template knows how to handle these new values.

This tool that sorts your watchlist by namespace making it easier to browse for important edits - not recommended for people with thousands of pages watched. Not compatible with Internet Explorer. Not compatible with "Enhanced recent changes" option in Preferences.

To install it, add the following to your monobook:

if (wgPageName == 'Special:Watchlist') {

This code will create a new button called [view source] to the left of the [edit this page] button (unless you're already editing a page or the page is protected). Technically, it takes you to editing the page, but removes the interface (edit summary box, minor edit and watch checkboxes, save/preview/show changes buttons) below the editing box. This will prevent you from accidentally saving the page if you were just playing with the content.

To install it, add the following to your monobook:


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