Tissa was king of Upathissa Nuwara (Sri Lanka) during 454 BC - 437 BC. He was appointed the regent by his eight younger brothers after the deposition of the oldest brother, King Abhaya, from the throne. Tissa claimed that he would be consecrated king only after he had finally defeated his nephew Pandukhabaya. This, however, was not to be as Pandukabhaya swept on triumphantly. Tissa was slain in battle along with all his eight younger brothers. Abhaya was spared. Pandukabhaya, the undisputed victor, called upon his uncle Abhaya to take up the throne again. Abhaya declined.

තිස්ස කුමරු
සිංහලේ ඔටුන්න හිමි කුමරු
රාජ්‍ය සමය454 BC - 437 BC
අනුප්‍රාප්තිකයාපණ්ඩුකාභය රජ
තිස්ස කුමරු
උපත: ? ? මරණය: ? ?
රාජ පදවි නාම
අභය රජ
සිංහලේ ඔටුන්න හිමි කුමරු
454 BC437 BC
පණ්ඩුකාභය රජ
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