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Durdle Door, a natural arch near Lulworth Cove

Once your image is uploaded to Commons or Wikipedia, you will probably want to use it in an article. Simply click Edit on the article you want to include the image in, then add the following where you want the image to appear:

[[File:Image name.jpg|thumb|Caption for the image]]

For example:

[[File:Durdle Door Overview.jpg|thumb|[[Durdle Door]], a [[natural arch]] near [[Lulworth Cove]]|alt=Beach with a large rocky arch over the water]]

The Image icon button also works. Notice that the caption can contain links.

See caption
The Colosseum in Rome

By default, images display on the right side of the article. You can place images on the left side of the article by including |left:

[[File:Colosseum in Rome, Italy - April 2007.jpg|thumb|left|The [[Colosseum]] in Rome]]

See Wikipedia:Extended image syntax for more details on adjusting the display of images, including their size.

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